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          The BAM League sets out to explain the peculiar world of Fantasy sports by chronicling one particularly obsessive group of friends and the Ten-Ton Fantasy Super League they created together.  Part diary, part instructional manual, and part observational thesis; The BAM League drives towards the core of what Fantasy is, why people play, and what it all means.


Hi, I'm Mark Koll - just another asshole with a million opinions.  I spend my time conjuring new ways to tell a story, steadfast in my belief that nothing can feed the soul like a smile from a dog and nothing can change the world like the right words at the right time.

Collected here are much of my thoughts, including: original fiction of varying styles and formats, reviews of recent books and movies, in-depth discussions of classic Beatles songs, looks back at the sports highlights from the past week, and first-hand accounts detailing the decline of Western Civilization.

In addition, just above Snoopy (^^^) you can access the full manuscript of The BAM League my be-all end-all treatise on Fantasy Sports, chronicling the people and motives behind the global phenomenon.

While this website is mine and I will say whatever I want, feel free to contact me (using any of the methods below) to let me know how stupid I am.  Or, if the mood strikes you, let me know if you like something I've done or have a suggestion to make the site better.  Above all, I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoyed writing them.


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